How to Safely Paddle Board with Your Fur Companion

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With so many dog owners discovering just how fun it is to paddleboard with their pup, it’s really important to address the topic of SUP safety for dogs. Many dog owners are completely unaware of basic safety practices that can keep their pup safe on the water and make the paddling experience more enjoyable for all involved.

SUP with Pup Infographic

In an effort to educate more paddlers and dog owners on these best practices, just put the finishing touches on a fun infographic about how to safely SUP with your pup. The infographic lists some easy-to-follow tips that you’ll definitely want to check out before bringing your dog along for some paddling fun, and several of the paddle board points are probably things that you’ve never thought of!

For example, did you know that the most commonly known doggie safety accessory is actually dangerous to use when it comes to paddleboarding? It’s true! The dog leash, recognized by all as a staple in every responsible dog owner’s basket of accessories, is something that can actually endanger your dog while out on the water. A leash can get caught or tangled on the paddle board and cause problems not only for your dog but for you as well!

Paddling with your four-legged friend is an absolute blast, and we guarantee that following these simple safety tips will result in a safer, more enjoyable experience. Enjoy the infographic, and happy paddling with your pup!

How to Paddle Board with Your Dog: The Ultimate SUP Pup Safety Checklist

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