Use Colorful Totes to Pack a Picnic in the Park

Pursfection Expandable Totes Make a Perfect Picnic Basket

Guest Post for Pursfection written by Lynn Smythe

fall is the perfect time to pack a picnic in the park with Pursfection tote bags

As summer begins to fade, the days become shorter and the nights become cooler. Autumn slowly works its way into our lives again with the cool crisp air and beautiful fall colors. Now is the perfect time to think about an autumn harvest picnic! A fall picnic can be fun for everyone no matter how young or old. It’s a good way to bring family and friends together for a fun afternoon, morning or night.

If you have children – a fall-themed picnic is a great idea for the entire family – just make sure to bring along some of their favorite toys and favorite foods. Who says grown-ups can’t bring along some of their favorite outdoor toys as well; Frisbee, horseshoes, corn hole or even pickleball, if you have enough room to set it up.

Today we’re going to share with you some fun picnic ideas that can be enjoyed by people of all ages! For some of these ideas, you might need more than the average picnic basket can hold so try a Pursfection large tote bag or two to hold all your gear.

Let the Outdoor Games Begin

This is great for those of you who love playing board games. Normally playing board games takes place indoors but that doesn’t mean they have to stay indoors. Pack some of your favorite games and get ready for some outdoor gaming. Or – try and find the outdoor versions of things you normally do indoors; outdoor bowling or yard dominoes (played with giant, oversize dominoes of course) are just a few activities that come to mind.

Fun Outdoor Toys

While packing up for your outdoor adventure, don’t forget to add a couple of your favorite outdoor toys to your tote bag – Frisbees, balls (soccer, baseball, football), kites, jump ropes and more. Even though you’re going to a park that might already have playground equipment for the kiddos to enjoy, it’s always fun to bring something along that normally stays at home. If the park has a nice trail system, and bikes are allowed, bring the bikes with you.

Scavenger Treasure Hunt

Plan a day of scavenger and treasure hunting for the whole gang. If you really want to get in the picnic spirit you can make the treasures the food you plan on eating – or try using pictures of the food you’ll be eating to redeem for the real thing once you get back to your picnic pavilion. This is a great idea to get everyone involved in some fun (and slightly competitive) action when one person (or team) has to find the sandwiches and another the drinks and so on.

Food For Your Picnic Basket

Of course there has to be food, lots and lots of food, it is a picnic after all. Pack up your family’s favorite snacks and drinks. You don’t have to limit yourself to sandwiches and chips – you can get ready made food-to-go from your favorite restaurant or specialty store and take it with. You can even bring hot meals along as long as you have the proper gear to help it stay warm. If the park you choose has grills – make it a BBQ picnic in the park!

Tote Bag Picnic Basket

If you have a big family, or even a little family with a lot of gear, it’s a really good idea to invest in a few, large, collapsible tote bags from Pursfection. This allows you to pack up just about everything for your picnic in one big bag. Once you arrive to your picnic destination, simply unload the tote bag and set it aside.

Packing a picnic in the park is a great way to end the summer or to kick off the beginning of the fall season. No matter what type of basket or tote bag you use, the point is to have a great time at your picnic in the park!