Whole Lot of Nothing on Bike Trainers

Today’s Trainer Haiku

  • Got off the trainer.
  • That was a lot of nothing.
  • End was same as start.

Bike Trainers and Boring Treadmills

I don’t really like stationary bikes or treadmills. I feel like they are a whole lot of nothing. You end up in the same place as you started so I wonder if it even counts as a workout? I was fortunate to have a bike trainer sent to me a few years ago, which I’ve moved it from apartment to apartment the past 5 years.

It’s a CycleTEK Momentum I Flywheel Bike Trainer – I don’t think they’re in business anymore – but it’s a pretty nice piece of equipment. Right now I have my mountain bike on the trainer. Bike trainers are actually okay, not my favorite, but I can stomach them on occasion. When the weather is bad or my schedule doesn’t allow time for a workout during daylight hours then I can almost stand a trainer workout.

People running on treadmill at gym

Treadmills Blow Biscuit Chunks

I can’t say the same for treadmills. My main complaint is they make me feel dizzy, I don’t know what to look at or what to focus on when I’m on a treadmill. They are also boring as heck – at least with the bike trainer I can watch a movie or TV show or a virtual training ride video so I at least kind of feel like I’m actually riding my bike.

The only times I’ve tried using a treadmill were in a small hotel gym and the small workout room at my apartment. Both gyms were really small and didn’t have a TV to use for distraction but they did both have windows. But, anytime I try looking out a window while on the treadmill I just start to feel really dizzy – not sure how to get over that. My pace also seems really slow on the treadmill – I feel like I’m running speed fast – but looking at the digital controls shows I’m actually going WAY slower then when I run outdoors. I’m not that fast a runner to begin with so don’t really feel like I’m getting much of a workout on a treadmill.

To Bike or Not To Bike

If my budget ever permits, I would love to get a Wahoo KICKR power trainer, a few of my friends that have completed Ironman triathlons do the majority of their training on a Wahoo. Do you have a favorite bike trainer, stationary bike or treadmill you like to workout on? I’d love to hear about your opinions on trainers or treadmills.

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